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Feb 2018 Beth says : Loved loved it!! Debbie was AMAZING and Lillah enjoyed every class! Thank you so much! One class & teacher I'll always remember.

Jan 2018 Leah says : Loved coming to classes with both my little ones. Its a lovely way to spend some one-on -one time with your little one, whilst having fun and meeting children of a similar age. Debbie is a brilliant teacher and I would highly recommend the classes. 

June 2017 Jennie says; What a journey we have taken with Debbie! Who would have guessed that almost 5 years ago my daughter was about to start a magical journey into music, song and so much she is weeks away from starting school and is ready for it. As well as all the musical bits, Deb has helped Sophie learn to really listen, take turns and has encouraged her every step of the way! Music with Mummy has been brilliant at each stage and I wholeheartedly recommend it! X

Dec 2015 Jo says: After the best part of three years, today was out last Music with Mummy class and I am absolutely gutted to be finishing. Dannii was just 5 months old when we started & we ave absolutely loved every class. Debbie you are amazing and we will miss you loads - Dannii absolutely loves music and you are a huge part of that xxx Thank you for everything!! xxxx

October 2014 Jenna says: I've been taking my 20 month old son to Deb's classes since he was just 8 weeks old. I've always loved music and wanted him to feel the same, nut as a new mum it's hard to know where to start; Jolly Babies was perfect. Deb's warm personality, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the children really shines through in her engaging, yet relaxed classes. She includes all the children, tailoring it to their needs, regardless of whether you have a fearless tot, or a shy little one in need of encouragement and reassurance. I love to see the effect music can have on such a little person, those good old favourites learnt in class have been used to calm and soothe my crying baby or snap the now stroppy toddler out of a tantrum as if by magic! (Thanks Debbie for saving my sanity!) I really can't recommend Music with Mummy enough!

July 2013 Tamara says: My daughter loves her Three Four time class and looks forward to it every week. Debbie is really friendly and excellent with the children. Abby will miss you next year when she is in pre school - thank you for a wonderful year Debbie!

July 2013 Anna says:Jolly babies is a lovely, fun class. My baby loves it and it seems to have helped with his development.

January 2013 Anna says:We started Jolly Babies when Theo was about 3 months and he has loved it from the start. Debbie is great with the children and the classes are lots of fun, really well structured and she keeps to time which is great when they are small. It is especially good that it builds up but we have a lovely calm time at the end. The songs are easy to learn and fun to sing at home and I really look forward to the class, definitely the best one we've done.

December 2012 Rosie says:My baby and I love Jolly Babies and even though we are quite new to it we love Debbie and feel so welcome. She loves all the babies so much and is so gentle and interacts brilliantly with them. We will be very sad to see Deb go to her new area but wish her all the best. A lovely class which we thoroughly enjoy and a LOVELY lady! xxx

December 2012 Ann says:Jolly babies with Deb is our favourite class of the week. Deb is really engaging and makes the half an hour singing and dancing fly by! She really engages with all the children and treats them as individuals. We are really sad that she is moving to a new area.. But good luck to Deb and lucky jolly babies of Bradley stoke and stoke Gifford!!

October 2012 Helen says: Debbie is wonderful! She has a beautiful way with the children and effortlessly gets them involved in every part of the class. The little boy I nanny for gets very excited whenever I tell him it's time to go and see 'singing Debbie', it's his favourite half hour of the week!

October 2011 Julie says: Izzy started Jolly Babies at about six months and immediately loved the songs and seeing other babies. It quickly became the highlight of our week and easily doable timewise. Debbie is great at holding their attention and Isabella is usually transfixed on her for the duration. Usually we do a mixture of sitting down and standing up songs plus a few rest breaks for bubbles and cuddles. The songs are normally repeated each week so the babies really get to know them. Izzy started to clap her hands during the sessions and now can now do a good Twinkle. JB was my very first venture into children's activities as a totally clueless older mum and I found the classes very welcoming, Debbie even remembers all the babies names! Debbie also saved my sanity over the summer by laying on some July/August classes when everything else seems to shut down. Hope to be back for more!

July 2011 Kate says: My son and I have attended these lovely singing classes since he was 6 months old. We started with Jolly Babies and have now moved on to Music with Mummy. It's one of the highlights of our week - he loves the music and we sing all the songs together at home too. Debbie who runs the classes is really warm and friendly and her enthusiasm is infectious. I'd recommend it to anyone with a little one as it's great fun.

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