JOLLY BABIES BIRTH-14 MONTHS...  the start of our musical journey. You`re never too young to enjoy music. Whether it`s mummy bouncing you up and down in time to the rhythm, or being rocked to a lullaby, Jolly Babies is half an hour away from the demands of everyday life.

Babies respond to singing from an early age and enjoy listening to the sound of the parent`s voice. So, switch off your phone, and come along and join in the fun - it`s astonishing how much fun we can have in half an hour!

We sing action songs, bouncing songs, play instruments (or suck, chew & throw them!), we get up & dance & swing the babies then we all calm down with soothing, gentle classical music & songs.

Babies can start from any age - we`ve had them start from as young as 6 weeks, although lots start to come along from 10 weeks onwards. A wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby, to make new friends and to have FUN! Classes last for half an hour.

From birth to approx 15 months. Approx 12 in each class depending on room size.

 MUSIC with MUMMY 14MTHS-3 YEARS (or Daddy or Grandma or someone else important)

MUSIC with MUMMY is the next step on from Jolly Babies, for children from approx 15 months to 3 years. Its main aim is to teach basic aspects of music to young children, while having fun.

Each half term the children are introduced to a different learning concept through a new theme. The material has been specially designed to gently direct these very young children towards our clearly defined objectives.Social skills such as listening, turn taking and sharing will also play an important part in our classes.

From approx 15 months to 3 years. Approx 10 children in each class depending on age and class experience of individuals.


THREE-FOUR TIME, as its name implies, is designed for 3 and 4 year olds. Sessions are held weekly and last for 45 minutes. The children attend without an adult, thus gaining initial preparation for the giant step of starting "BIG" school.

THREE-FOUR TIME is the perfect follow on for children who have been to MUSIC with MUMMY but all children of this age will benefit. The format of classes is very similar to MUSIC with MUMMY in that each half term the children are introduced to a new musical concept and a new theme. The songs and learning objectives are slightly more challenging, and the themes are more drama based, with the children being encouraged both collectively, and individually, to act out a story.

At the end of every half term, the grown-ups have the opportunity to sit in and see a class in action. The increase in the children's confidence as the months progress is wonderful to see.

Many of these children will have started coming to class as a Jolly Baby, and it is always a very sad time when they leave to start school. However they take with them a love of music, the confidence to sing and talk in front of a group, as well as lots of fun-filled musical memories. Approx 8 in each class